Recording Studio Amsterdam

Studio de Zoete Inval offers spacious recording rooms, a relaxed atmosphere and high-quality sound recordings in the north of Amsterdam. We are available for the recording of albums, EPs, voice-overs, podcasts, singles or demos.

Our large music studio has two recording rooms. The studio (80 m2) includes a drum booth and a mixing table and is suitable for the recording of bands, voice-overs and singer-songwriters. We also offer a large hall (300 m2) with excellent acoustics thanks to its high, acoustic ceiling. The large hall is perfect for the recording of bands, orchestras, brass bands, percussion groups, jazz combos, choirs and everything in between. Listen to our Portfolio for examples.

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This is our ‘living room’ studio (80 m2). It is well-stocked with instruments, a relaxing couch, paintings, excellent coffee and tea, a mixing table and a drum booth. In the studio we make all kinds of recordings such as bands, voice-overs, film compositions, singer-songwriters and much more. The studio has a pleasant, homely atmosphere and is equipped with all technical equipment to make an excellent recording.

In need of some fresh air? If you walk five minutes you will stand in the middle of a Dutch polder. If you walk five minutes in the opposite direction you will find a shopping center.



We are very proud of our large hall. It is the perfect recording space for basically all types of recordings. In this room we record orchestras, choirs, brass bands, bands, art projects, singer-songwriters and many more. The room (300 m2) has an acoustic ceiling and thick theater curtains, which allows us to find the perfect acoustics for every recording. In addition, this old theater has a great ambiance and is therefore highly suitable for photographing or video recordings.



In our view music is art. We consider each piece of music as a piece of art. Each recording deserves a huge amount of focus and dedication, so something beautiful can develop. This is what we want to convey with our recordings, sound editing and composing.

We can summarize our view in the following sentences:

We offer high-quality recordings in a spacious studio with a relaxed atmosphere at affordable rates. A studio with the musician at the center, because it is run by musicians.


Jasper Schonewille 

Audio Engineer





Martin van ’t Veld

Studio manager





Are you planning to record at our studio? You are always welcome to meet us and look around at the studio. Are you recording for more than one day at our studio? Then you are welcome to take advantage of our unique try-out day! On this day prior to the recording we will experiment to find the perfect sound and matching recording method specific for your music!

Each recording is unique and a one-size-fits-all recording method does not exist. Therefore please feel free to contact us for an offer specific to your project!

All prices are including Dutch VAT at 21%

Our basic rates are:


  • The daily rate (eight hours) for the studio is 299 euro.
  • Our hourly rate is 59 euro

Large hall

  • The daily rate (eight hours) for admission to the theater is 599 euros.

Additional possibilities

  • Do you want a music composition for film, advertising or an art project? Please contact us and we will determine a price based on the assignment.
  • Do you need mixing or mastering? Please contact us for a price based on the project.
  • Do you need a recording on location? Please contact us for a price based on the project.
  • Do you need a musical instrument or amplifier for the recording? We offer a variety of instruments, please contact us with your request.